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Best Sports Betting Software 


Beyond what an average human brain can do, the best sports betting software products are capable of doing complex calculations in minutes. And that is exactly what makes sports betting arbitrage possible. But when you take the manual approach, finding profitable bets with high winning probability takes a lot of time. Besides, the slow nature of manual arbitrage discovery means that you’ll lose out on potentially profitable bets that don’t last long. Even though it is relatively hard to identify one software as the overall best, we have researched the most popular ones with positive reviews and the oldest ones that had stood the test of time. By reading through these betting software reviews, you’ll find some of the differences between them.  With the comparative insights gained, you’ll become enabled to choose what’s the best according to your preferences and betting experience. 

Why Use Sports Betting Arbitrage Software 


Complex Mathematical Calculations – Discovering sports betting arbitrage opportunities is not an easy thing for everyone. Most times, doing this successfully involves complex mathematical calculations that need to be correct 100% of the time. Without the ability to do correct calculations, you can hardly make any good profit out of it. 


Researching Multiple Websites – Logging into and researching multiple sports betting websites consumes a lot of time. But it is not just about the time it takes. You can only pay proper attention to one website at a time. However, the interesting point is that sports betting software can do this faster across multiple websites. 


Prompt Timing – Finding arbitrage opportunities is one thing. Placing your bet at the right time when the odds have not changed is another different thing. Unfortunately, placing your bets when the odds are no longer favorable for your target profit margin won’t deliver the best outcomes. 


Perhaps, prompt timing is one of the things that an arbitrage software can do 100X faster and better than the manual process. 

Best Sports Betting Software For Arbitrage Profit

#1: The Best Sports Betting Software !

#2: ArbMate 

ArbMate is one of the best software for arbitrage betting in the market. Technically, the software was built to work as a Google Chrome extension. Using this tool, you can start placing bets around pre-match or live match selections. According to the developer, this software acts as a normal registered user when you are using different bookmarking websites. And that makes it hard to track the activities generated from your user account. From Betway to Betfair and Bet365, this software has a wide range of bookmarkers available for bettors. When you register, you can select your preferred bookmarkers and set the tool to navigate through arbitrage betting opportunities. Whether you are a skilled high-risk betting nerd or a beginner, you can start with pre-built systems that will suit you. 

#3: RebelBetting 


Whenever you search for the best sports betting software reviews online, there is a likelihood that you’ll come across this one. At the time of this writing, RebelBetting claims to have a user base of over 125,000 active users. Like some other products in the same category, this sports betting software will allow you to bet and cover all possible outcomes in a sporting event. That’s why it’s possible to make some profit by using this arbing software. Depending on your capacity, you can choose between the one-week, one-month, and six months plans priced at $39, $129, $97 respectively. However, you can try it 100% free for one week. Within that time, you’ll experience what the software has to offer and how to use it. Meanwhile, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you go straight to the premium plans. For absolute beginners, you can download their free sure betting ebook. Possibly, this resource guide will put you on the right track before signing up for the premium plans. 

#4: OddStorm 


Are you looking for the best surebet software in the market? Here is another option worth considering. Unlike some other competitors, OddStorm has some interesting stats about its platform displayed on the website. For example, you’ll find about 72 bookmarkers and 394 leagues accessible on the sports arbitrage website. Knowing that some bookmarkers do ban arbitrage players, using a site with a high number of bookmarkers will be an advantage for you. Besides live chat for support, you will also find some interesting video tutorials that will explain everything before you subscribe. Based on some other betting software reviews I have seen, OddStorm is known to be very fast. And that’s one important fact you don’t have to ignore when comparing the betting arbitrage software to choose. Between one day to one year, you can choose any subscription plan that suits your betting budget. The accepted means of payment on the site are Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. 

#5: Bet Slayer 


BetSplayer promises to teach you how to place a bet that will make you profit regardless of the sporting event outcomes. Beyond claims, there is an indication that thousands of people like you are benefitting from the active use of this sure betting software. At the time of this writing, the software can only help you bet through 45 bookmarkers and 16 events. While the number of bookmarkers is slightly limited, the user interface and ease of use are better than some other new entrants in the game. One thing I noticed about this platform is that you will not find a robust collection of educational materials for new arbitrage bettors. However, if you’ve got the experience and you simply need the best betting software to get started, Bet Slayer is worth a shot. Without a credit card, you can sign up for the 7-day trial to explore what the platform can offer you and how to use the core features. Pricing is about $29 for the first month and $49 monthly. 




Whether you are more interested in a wide collection of bookmarkers, ease of use, live support, or a free trial period, you’ll find a good option here. Instead of overwhelming you with a long list of sports betting software, you can take this information to compare what is best suited for your needs. 

Assuming you are a beginner, I recommend that you immerse yourself in the core principles of sports betting arbitrage before staking your money. 


Finally, do not forget to bet with only the amount you can afford to lose. Try to test the systems with a small amount before going all in.